Thursday Thirteen- things I must remember to pack for our mini-vacation

Do you ever have those days where you just can't seem to keep it all together?



Well I guess that is just me then ;)
(this picture was taken 1.5 yrs ago on another long road trip we took)

Our family is going on a quick little trip to the big city in the next province over this weekend (about 5ish hours away). We are going to stay in a fun kid-friendly hotel and while my husband attends a conference thingy the kids and I will hang out at the pool and the indoor playground.

As I mentioned earlier I love travelling... once I get going. I hate preparing for the travelling though.  And today my head feels especially jumbled so you lovely folks are going to help me remember everything I need to pack!

And since it is Thursday (and I am trying to procrastinate a bit more) I thought I would make a little Thursday 13 list.

Here it is.

Thirteen things I must not forget for our mini-vacation this weekend:

1.  all of our medications... asthma inhalers, Aiden's meds, my meds, tylenol for the headache I am very likely to have, gravol for the car sickness someone is bound to get...

2. swimsuits and little swimmer diapers for Olivia... since apparently she is never going to be potty trained.

3. winter clothes since apparently spring has taken a hiatus and it might just snow all weekend

4. a night light... I always forget one and all three of my kids are afraid of the dark and so we end up having to leave the stupid hotel bathroom light on and they inevitably have a fan that automatically goes on and that drives me crazy because I hate the sound of a fan going all night long. Yes. I am a high-maintenance sleeper.

5. Cameras... now that my hubby has his camera back we can each have our own cameras and every mini-vacation should be captured on film.

6. baby wipes. I love baby wipes. They are brilliantly useful on all road trips.

7. technology accessories. cell phone charger, camera battery charger, DS chargers. Ah the joys of technology.

8. Movies for the van ride.  Three cheers for the person who invented portable DVD players for in the vehicle. It makes long trips a thousand times easier.

9. Snacks... for the van ride and for the hotel room so we don't have to spend a fortune.

10. Extra clothes for all three kids... even if it seems like 2 outfits each should be plenty for a weekend it just never is. One of them is bound to spill a full bottle of juice on themselves within the first hour of the drive or something.

11. Clothes for my husband. You may think this is obvious but once we went on a trip and I had packed for all three kids and myself and assumed my husband would be able to pack for himself... but he forgot to pack himself underwear. We had to buy him more. True story.

12. books to read for storytime at bedtime - we always read to the kids before bed.

13. out-of-province travel medical insurance because for some insane reason the powers-that-be have decided we can't leave home without it.

So what else do I need to remember?


A. Smith said…
These may sound strange but I always seem to need them:

some sort of tape
stain remover or treater
Irishcoda said…
Ah, travelling with little ones. I remember those vacations with fondness! No, really. :D And when do you have time to read? ;)
Katherine said…
A special toy/blanket for each kid. Whenever we go on a mini trip even if it for only the day I have to bring a special item for my kids. They are really big on comfort and having something from home always makes it easier!

Enjoy your weekend :)
Katherine said…
I also understand #11. I now pack for my husband too, because he also has forgotten clothes on a trip and we had to buy him more.
Frances said…
My daughter's 27, and I still keep baby wipes around. They do come in handy.
I know what you mean about the extra clothing - amazing how a kid can take out a clean outfit in nanosecond isn't it?
I played too.
Happy Trails
Alice Audrey said…
It's not just you. A list like this helps a lot.

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