Passport uGlee-ness

Well... we have returned from our mini-vacation to the thriving metropolis of Winnipeg, Manitoba. It was quite the whirlwind adventure.

I won an amazing trip to go see Glee- Live on Stage in Arizona with the fabulous Janice of 5 Minutes for Mom... and then I realized it would cost me more to get an urgent passport to go on the trip than it would to just buy myself a plane ticket.

That is the downside of living in a small town. There are no passport offices here. And since I would have needed the passport by Thursday it didn't give me much time. I would have stayed in Winnipeg an extra day and applied first thing tomorrow morning- which would have given it plenty of time- but my stinkin' birth certificate was here at home. You can't get a passport without the original of your birth certificate. Sigh.

Technically we could have driven the 5 ish hours home today, picked up my birth certificate and then driven the 5 ish hours back to Winnipeg to apply first thing tomorrow morning and then driven 5 ish hours home again... only to return on Friday since that is also the closest international airport to us. That is just too much driving and too much gas money and too crazy for our family.

So at about 2:30 am this morning I, very reluctantly, said I couldn't go on the fabulous trip. I am very sad.

But it may have been for the best since I spent half of the night last night throwing up and my head is pounding and my stomach is still queasy. I don't think I could have done all that travelling in my current state.

The moral of the story? Get a passport. That way if an opportunity like this arises you won't be screwed like I was!

I would just like to mention that the lovely Janice has been so incredibly understanding and helpful about this whole thing. I think I am more sad that I won't get to hang out with her than I am about missing Glee!

But I would like to say a big huge thank-you to Janice and Susan of 5 Minutes for Mom! I would have loved to have gone... sorry I am so unprepared! I have learned my lesson and will get a passport promptly... through the mail... so if you want to take me on your NEXT trip I'll be ready ;).


Shash said…
Bummer!!! :-( I'll go in your place!!! :-)
Having grew up in Sioux, I can totally relate to the drive for anything.

I am SO sorry for your disappointment!
Cheryl D. said…
That is a bummer! I'm sorry! Feel better soon.
Shash said…
I got an invite to go to Vegas (all expenses paid) for next weekend but we can't go - Dave is guest preaching at a church in London :(
Patricia Ward said…
At least we got to all be together for a whole day! Thank you for including me in the adventure!
Katy said…
Aw! Tara! I hate this for you! I hope you're feeling much better soon! :)
Sorry you couldn't get your passport and go on the trip :(

Hope you are feeling better soon !

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