Owen learned to ride a two-wheeler today!!

Owen has been very reluctant to try riding his bike without training wheels... so finally we just took them off a few weeks ago despite his protests. We offered to help him but he only let me help once for about 5 minutes and then he just hasn't tried riding his bike again since. But today Aiden and Owen were playing outside together and Aiden came to the door and said "MOM! You do NOT want to miss this!".

I came outside to find Owen riding his bike!! He was practicing riding up and down our lawn because "grass is softer if you fall" :). Doug and I stood on our deck and cheered for him a few times and then he let Doug help him ride on the road. I am so proud of my boy!!


Congrats Owen !

My son was the same way. He couldn't ride his bike until 2 years ago , but once he had the confidence to do it he literally just got on and rode away !

My other son (9 years old) still doesn't know how , but we don't have a bike for him to try right now.

Last summer we had 3 bikes stolen from our yard and the one we had left was stolen a few weeks ago from my moms house after only being out for about a week :(

Very much looking forward to my move to the country , won't be happening for about a year though ><
Patricia Ward said…
Really love it that Doug is such a good dad! Bravo, Owen.

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