So we are currently on day 2 of no-internet-access from our house... my husband and I are currently parked outside the closed local library using their unsecured network... apparently we can't survive two whole days without internet.

It is a holiday here in Canada so we can't even get it fixed until tomorrow.

So very sad.

So if you don't hear from me... it is not because I am ignoring you.

And it is pouring rain outside and my kids are not pleased. Three unhappy kids with no internet access. What a fabulous holiday.

Please God let the internet come back!!


dor said…
I feel the same way without internet. Having the children over for super today. Happy Holiday.
Petula said…
I want to laugh, but I know I would be just as miserable and irritable without Internet. Hope it gets fixed soon and that you survive without it.
I am the same way too! Have you noticed how boring your computer is without internet ?

I have searched through history, just so I can open up some pages and "feel" like I am online...

Very Sad, indeed...
Shash said…
That is not fun - not fun at all!

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