The fact that hotels have free internet access nowadays is a beautiful thing! It allows me to tell you all a funny story that happened on our way to the big city today. It was midway in our 5 ish hour drive and the troops were restless so Aiden suggested we play the Animal Alphabet game- basically you go through the alphabet and name animals that start with each letter.

So we start the game and I say "ok, name an animal that starts with the letter A" and Olivia yells out "PIG!". She was very insulted when the boys told her that Pig did NOT start with an A. She strongly disagreed with them. She clearly doesn't know her alphabet yet but it just made me laugh how certain she was that pig starts with A.

Aiden has a firm grasp of the game but today Owen seemed to miss the mark a bit... we got to the letter D and Owen yelled "Giraffe"... letter F he yelled "Velociraptor"...letter H he yelled "Chipmunk"...  letter U he bellowed "Ukulele"  and letter W was met with a resounding "BABOON!".

Doug and I found it quite funny and Chipmunk for H still makes me giggle. The kid is funny. I'm not entirely sure if he was just having a hard time focusing or if he was actually trying to be funny.... but either way it was very entertaining.

And you know how yesterday I wrote that post with a list of stuff I was supposed to remember to bring on this trip? I totally forgot a nightlight. And books to read at bedtime. I also forgot to get travel medical insurance. We better not get sick, or injured, or anything. Yikes.

So basically I completely spaced 3 out of 13 things. Apparently it helps to actually READ the list you wrote.

I. Am. Awesome.



Cheryl D. said…
Have a nice vacation!
Shash said…
How could you forget travel insurance :-0 LOL it's such an important thing to get - even for traveling from Province to Province. Our country's not the same as it used to be.... oh the good 'ole days :-(

GIRL!!! Check your email or your DMs!!!!! I know you are on vacation -- but you REALLY want to check!!!
Amanda Daybyday said…
80%'s not bad. Especially considering the migraine. Doesn't Doug's work insurance have some out of province insurance?
Jennifer Sikora said…
I do that more often than I want to admit...I like your posts!


Jennifer Sikora
Patricia Ward said…
Really love this story!

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