5 things that stress me out about planning our vacation...

Doug and I are hoping to take the kids out West this summer to see my extended family- most of them haven't met Olivia yet and she is already 3.5 years old! I am pretty darn excited about seeing my family... friends along the way... the Rocky Mountains and the blessed Pacific Ocean again!! Oh how I miss my home province of BC!! And really it is just plain wrong that my daughter has never been to BC, has never seen the ocean or the mountains... and my sons don't remember it!!

I enjoy vacations. I love travelling. I love road trips and visiting family and friends.

I do NOT love planning the vacation.

So here are 5 of things I was stressing out about as I lay in bed last night thinking about or upcoming vacation:

1. Money: There is just never enough of it! We are trying to figure out how much gas money we will need... not to mention money for food, entertainment and the occasional camping spot!

And the van-  We have a pretty old van... what if it dies on us in the middle of nowhere? We don't have credit cards (we suck at credit cards so we just don't have them) so if we run out of money and the van dies we are really screwed. And also? our air conditioner is broken in our van. It is un-fixable. So we have to drive through the excessively hot prairies with no air conditioning. We've done it before and it is not that fun.

2. Travel Insurance: Why do we need this? I know we do... I just don't quite understand why. After all we do live in Canada- the land of free healthcare. And we will be travelling within Canada. But I read on my friend Shash's blog (she's an actual travel expert) that you do in fact need emergency medical travel insurance to travel in your own country. Sigh. And considering my family has rather extensive health issues it is best not to screw it up.

3. What to pack: How much should I pack? How often will we be able to do laundry? How will I keep the kids entertained for 60 odd hours of driving? What will the weather be like? How will we fit it all into the van?

4. my computer life: For some of you this sounds lame but some of you totally get what I am saying. I am not great at going "unplugged" these days. I have blogged pretty much every day for the past 3 years. 4 weeks of spotty internet access really stresses me out. I also have an actual real for-pay job online and so I need to be where I can work occasionally! Stress. And yes, I admit I am addicted.

5. my mental sanity: Vacations aren't really vacations for moms. We sort of just take our jobs with us... I just want it to be really fun and relaxing sometimes too. How will I achieve this? I don't know.

So there you have it.

I need to figure out how to turn my brain off at night. Seriously.


MaggieK said…
It can be very stressful to plan a vacation - even when you are excited about the end result.

We travel a good amount (mostly overnights or long weekends) and have gotten the traveling with kids thing down for the most part - but it can still be stressful.

Try to relax and enjoy the fact that you will soon be seeing family and friends.
Amanda Daybyday said…
Yup... that does sound stressful! I'm sorry that you're feeling that way. I don't blame you one bit. It's a long drive. A very long drive. That said... I can't wait to be one of those friends that gets to see you. :)
Patricia Ward said…
I so remember laying in bed and trying to shut off my brain and just give it all to God! Multiply my stress by 3 and I'm just beginning to understand your stress!!!! I love your pic of White Rock, and it make me homesick for BC too - just hope I get to live there one day. (sigh) But really, it's all good - it's lovely here, if a bit cold for my taste. (sigh again) I feel reasonably confident that our extended family will try to enable time off for an exhausted mom. If not, just ask - that's what friends are for!!! Sometimes just an hour or two with a close friend or relative (sans kids) can rejuvenate you - especially if you get to talk things thru. I believe your vacation will be wonderful. If there are complications, you have a web of support to plug into - use it. I love you.
AussieMaz said…
Number 5, oh yeah.

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