Weekly Winners: Part 2- The Ice

I took far too many pictures this week and even the teeny tiny fraction of them that I want to share with you simply won't fit in one post! So here is part 2 ( part 1 has pictures of my adorable children and part 3 has pictures of the beach fun we had). We had one especially warm day this past week and we took the kids to a local beach. There is still lots of ice on the lake but it is starting to break up and melt. We fished a huge chunk of it out of the water so the kids could see what it was like.

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Jientje said…
The next to last one really shows the texture of the ice. Great series!
Shash said…
the ice looks really cool!

no pun intended ... :-)
Tanya said…
Ice at the BEACH!?! So foreign to me, yet very beautiful!

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