Since when has camping been too expensive?

My beautiful iMac is currently at the Mac-doctor being fixed... I miss it. But on the up side it is being fixed and I will have it back soon! Yay!

In other news my husband and I have been trying to figure out what to do for holidays this summer. There are some absolutely gorgeous provincial parks near us and we had hoped to do some camping at one of them. So I looked up the camping rates and here is what I found...

A - Premium

$ 42.75 Electrical
$ 37.75 Non-electrical
$ 36.25 Non-electrical without showers

B - Middle

$ 39.25 Electrical
$ 34.25 Non-electrical
$ 32.75 Non-electrical without showers

C - Low

$ 34.25 Electrical
$ 29.25 Non-electrical
$ 27.75 Non-electrical without showers

Ya. $42.75 for a nice campsite with electricity and access to showers... $27.75 for the CHEAPEST campsite with no electricity and no showers. And from what I read that means no flush toilets either... just those delightful outhouses. Ick. I also looked at a bunch of private campgrounds in the area and found similar rates.

It is my opinion that $ 30 per night is far too much to spend for camping without even having the option of taking a shower. No thank-you. Especially considering that if I wanted to truly "rough it" while camping I could find some crown land or a friend with lots of land and camp for free.

But since when is camping with 3 children (who are all afraid of the dark incidentally) with no electricity and no place to clean up a vacation? My husband and I went camping like that when we were first married and it was great fun (really!) but having kids has completely changed my idea of what is a necessity on vacation. Showers and toilets that flush are a necessity. And so is electricity for a truly enjoyable time.

So now we don't know what to do. What do you do when even camping costs too much money??


Lvly Rita said…
We got a camper and then in research found the same thing you did. Yikes! It's not the economical choice like it was when we were kids. It has to be a real vacation, budgeted into our finances-not just a drop and go type of experience.

What we do for our children!
When we can't afford a trip...which is pretty often! We go visit family somewhere. We don't have fam anywhere near us so we have a few options. Family vacay's are tricky without going into debt these days! Good luck :)
Wow, that is super expensive! Is that for provincial parks, or were you looking at national parks? I love camping but building up the supplies and paying for sites is certainly not cheap anymore!
Shash said…
What about crossing the line? heading to a National Park in the US? I know where you can get good travel insurance..... :-P

My backyard is available
A. Smith said…
Whaaat??? I remember when it was 8 bucks and a whopping 14 for a premium. Sheesh, its oudoors for pete's sake! It might be cheaper to pitch the tent in the backyard and spring for steak and lobsters on the bbq :)
Even camping has gotten expensive. We are going to camp in the backyard to make sure the kids will be ok in the tents. And we are doing shorter trips to save $.
Anonymous said…
I think that Manitoba is doing some special something for their anniversary this year. Maybe free park entrance or something...might be worth a drive toward Winnipeg.

And our backyard would be available to you and yours too.
LindsayDianne said…
It is ridiculous that in a country with this much land and space, natural resources and beauty, you can't even take your family to enjoy a camping trip.
In BC it's about $20 a night and $5 for firewood, so we're taking the money we would normally spend on that and heading out to a friend's 15 acres on the Island, but that's $80 to get the car across one way. What are families supposed to do? Unless you're great at backpacking with all of your children and wiping your butt with leaves....
mamawj said…
gosh, that is high. Here in Tenn we mostly camp in the State Parks in our motorhome which is cheaper in cost than residental campgrounds run by private owners. State parks are plentyful in the US states and they offer so many things to do like pools walking trails planned activities and I like it that they are well mantained and have security too and are at the highest $25 and that for full hookup plus there bath houses are so clean & nice. Do you have State parks in your area? We love camping> Can't wait to do just that for a whole week in June> You know you could just rent a small motor home or a pop up camper and just camp by your local lakes or TVA areas most time they offer free camping> hpe you find something & have fun
sewitupjulie at gmail dot com
itsme said…
watch the private camp grounds because around here they also charge a per extra person rate. They will allow, usually 4 people, and yes this includes children, infants, whatever and then charge and additional $10 per person above that. Well when you have 5 kids and spent $30 for the campsite (at least) alone and then add on another $30 for extra people...yay, expensive.

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