Wordless Wednesday- Picnic with Daddy


mommietj said…
awww so sweet!
I am Harriet said…
Very sweet!

Anonymous said…
awwwww now that is so cute. Great shots for WW!
Upstatemomof3 said…
Awww... what cute pictures!! They just melted my heart. :)
Shash said…
that is super ubber sweet!!
lfhpueblo said…
I don't understand why some Doctor's became docs in the first place. Where is there compassion and understanding?
If they are just having a bad mental health day and feel depleted themselves then they should call off for the day, instead of having patients have to deal with them when they obviously don't want to be there to listen and understand.
Personally I've had it with Doctor's and I have to go to one on Friday when I have a vehicle and ask why they double billed me for one visit on one day. They even turned it over to a bill collection place even though I have the proof I paid the bill and sent it via postal mail return receipt requested. The collection place has the proof, but isn't doing anything about it and says they'll only give me another seven days to pay the bill or get this worked out with the Doctor.
I'm so over doctors and for myself I won't ever be going back except to get this bill taken care of.
Doctor's don't listen to me and I'm been dealing with them on something I believe is a genetic issue for over 13 1/2 years now. It's getting worse and no one seems to be willing to test me for what I am almost positive it is.
Six doctor's later and I'm just so through with it all.
I told my husband it's in the great physician's hands (God) and that's where I am just going to lay it.
I'll be praying for you son's larynx/asthma.
Has he ever been scoped for achalasia. When the esophagus goes into spasm it can cause the epiglottis to close tightly and it's like an asthma attack too.
It's very frightening. You might just want to keep that in mind if he ever starts choaking on food, or starts having frequent vomiting episodes. It causes alot of stomach pain too, and eventually pain that feels like you're having a heart attack.
It's a genetic thing usually.
If they ever say he has achalasia, then ask for him to have genetic testing for Pompe's disease, and also hematochromatosis. Both of those genetic diseases can affect the nervous system causing spasms to happen anywhere, but usually first starting with the digestive organs/system.
Patricia Ward said…
Aw, so sweet! Olivia sure loves her daddy, and for sure Doug loves his little girl!
Amanda said…
So cute, and so special daddy daughter time. Good on you capturing it on camera

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