um... sorry about all the repeated posts from 2006...

so I'm not sure why but blogger has decided to republish all the pages I have links to on that bar across the top of my home page. Sorry! I'm really not trying to be annoying!

I'm sure it was my fault in some way.

We can just blame it on the fact that I have a house full of sickies. I THOUGHT Owen was getting better but this afternoon his fever came back with a vengeance and he is sacked out on the couch. I also thought Aiden was improving so I (foolishly) let him go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather for a bit and now he is back to hacking out a lung. Olivia is also sick... she hasn't improved at all. But when I am able to force some kid's advil into her she feels better for a couple hours at a time. She is ultra clingy.

On the up side the snow is melting and it is giving me hope for spring!!

I would happily accept any and all prayers on our behalf for my children to return to full health. We have a week off school for March break and I am hoping they can fully recover by the time school starts back up. Plus I really really really REALLY don't want to spend any more time in the ER. Sigh.


dor said…
You have my prayers. In fact, I am doing it right now.... Done. Take care.
Anonymous said…
:::sending prayers for your family::: When kids are sick it takes a lot out of parents, too.

My blog had a glitch this week, too. When I went to do my comment moderation I had comments to approve from last year.

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