Top 10 places I'd rather visit with my kids than the local ER this week...

As I mentioned a couple posts ago I have some serious travel envy this week. I think it is a mixture of Spring break being this week and that everything outside is sort of that dirty brown colour... even the snow is dirty brown and that is just nasty. Plus my kids are sick and so the phrase "I'd rather be anywhere but here" comes to mind. If you don't know why I have an aversion to the local medical scene than you can read about that on this post I wrote a few days ago.

So here is the top 10 places I'd rather take my kids than to the doctor.

1. Disneyland. Or Disney World. I'd take either. Or go on a Disney Cruise. I went to Disneyland when I was 7 and I still remember how much fun it was! I think my boys would absolutely love it and I KNOW Olivia would go nuts over the Disney Princesses. And Disney Cruises just sound like paradise to me.

2. One of those fabulous all-inclusive family-friendly resorts in somewhere warm and tropical. We have friends here who went to one with their 5 year old daughter last month and they showed me their pictures and it just looked like so much fun! My daydreams are filled with the tropics.

3. Saskatchewan, Canada. I realize this one sounds a bit odd but that just happens to be where my beautiful new nephew lives and I desperately want to meet him. Plus we used to live there and have very dear friends there and I know my kids would have a great time. Not so tropical though.

4. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The capital city of our find country. Ottawa is beautiful. It is also my husband's birthplace and where the grandparents and an aunt & uncle live. It also happens to be the location of the best children's museum we have ever been to and my kids regularly ask to return there.

5. Greece. I think I might belong in Greece.  Specifically one of those lovely towns with all the white buildings on the side of a hill beside a perfect sea. I've never been there but oh how I would love to go. I have no proof Greece is fun for children but how could it not be?

6. Kelowna, British Columbia. My aunt & uncle and some of my cousins live there and I miss them and my kids love them. Plus it is already spring in BC.

7. White Rock, British Columbia. I was born there and my heart has never fully left. Plus there are beautiful flowering pink trees and flowers blooming there right now. I also have dear family and friends there. Olivia has never even seen BC and that is just sad. No one should be deprived of BC.

8. Australia. We have Australian friends and they showed me pictures of their homeland and I MUST spend time there as soon as possible. White sand beaches, the great barrier reef, and Kangaroos top my personal list of things to see. Plus they have great accents there.

9. Arizona. Some of my favourite people in the whole world currently live there and my mom gets to go there in a couple weeks. And I hear they have orange blossoms right now and I really need to see real live orange blossoms today.

10. Nepal. Just because I loved it there so much and would love to show my children the beauty that is that country.

So there you have it folks. Pretty good list eh? What about you- where would you like to take your family?


All of these sound great! Say hi to my brother in Australia!
Margaret said…
You are right, no one should be deprived of BC!
Patricia Ward said…
Greece is very child-friendly. They are among the most child oriented society I have seen. Kids go everywhere with their parents and their kid stuff is very well tolerated there. Loved the close family ties that are evident in Greece. When my ship comes in I'll take the whole family for a vacation there, ok?
Anonymous said…
Top 10 places I'd rather be than here in Oklahoma this spring break week:

1) Disney World
2) Disneyland
3) Universal Studios Orlando
4) Sea World Orlando
5) Chicago
6) Branson, Missouri
7) Tennessee - because Charlie wants to go there
8) Colorado - because Charlie wants to go there
9) New Hampshire - visiting my best friend
10) Indiana - also visiting my best friend
Shash said…
I agree with White Rock!! I wonder why??!!! :-)

You can almost see my parents house from that photo, seriously!! They're up and to the left of the pier.

And because I wouldn't be a good daughter if I didn't plug my parents restaurant!! hehehe

If anyone is out in that area... check them out at McJac's Roadhouse Grille and pop in next door at my sister's Roadhouse Bake Shoppe!!

Thanks Tara :-)
el Maggie said…
I am delighted to see O-town makes the list! I agree with Greece, but would also have Switzerland and London, England, where 2 dear friends live, and one of the small caribbean islands, like the Turks and Caicos or St. Kitts or something, and Turkey, and Cambodia on my list. Ha ha - can you tell my family only consists of people in their 30s?!
AussieMaz said…
G'day Tara! You would be so welcome to come to Australia, we'd have you to stay with us in a heartbeat (and Doug and the kids of course!)

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