One year!

We moved here exactly 1 year ago today... in some ways it feels like we have been here way longer than that. Especially when you consider the fact that we have lived in two different houses already since we moved here. But in other ways it feels like we just got here. How could it possibly have been a full year since we packed up our whole lives and moved hundreds of kilometres away? Time is a very strange thing.

Either way- happy 1 year anniversary in our new home to us. :) To celebrate I am posting this awesome picture of my daughter's especially crazy hair tonight. That kid cracks me up!


saffery moore said…
I can't believe it's already been a year since you moved! That's crazy.
Colleen said…
Wow, I would've said it had only been a few months! Crazy how time flies...
Shash said…
Happy Anniversary! I remember you packing up, it does seem like not so long ago!
She is too cute! (And now that I'm five months into my own multi-kilometer move, I'm banking on your experience to assure me I'll feel somewhat at home five months from now...right?)
It's really been a year?! Wow, where have I been? Did it goes as quickly for you?

She's so gorgeous Tara.

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