Olivia's day

I had a sort-of staff meeting this morning (on-line of course since the people I work with live about 20 hours away from me) and while I was trying to meet Olivia was busy freaking out. Doug was trying to play with her and entertain her and generally be at her beck and call but because she isn't feeling well she just would NOT be happy. She ended up crying so much she fell asleep beside my desk on the floor!!
She did have some happy times today though... especially when she was playing in the tent :)

I am really hoping she feels all better tomorrow! And I really hope we all get a good sleep tonight. Mommy is tired.


Shash said…
AW!!! That is soooo cute!!! I have some great "in play - fell asleep" photos of my kids too.

It's good to know that having a business meeting with loud people (I was going to say just kids but that wasn't the case for me!! lol) - I'd hate to work for a stuffed up, "proper" boss!
Patricia Ward said…
What a delightful space for her to play in. It's all pink and pretty like her!

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