Indoor Campout

Aiden & Owen asked if they could sleep in their tent tonight so we set it up in their room.

They ate their supper in it while watching a movie with Olivia on our portable DVD player.

 They had so much fun!
And now the boys are sleeping peacefully enjoying their first indoor campout of the year :)


Patricia Ward said…
Aw, sweet! They look so happy. Nice to see the three of them enjoying each other. The boys look contented in their sleep!
Su-Ann said…
Awesome Tara!!!
Cheryl said…
Oh my gravy, that looks like so much fun! I love the curly q's, my daughter has a head full of curls just like that.
Shash said…
That's what cool parents do!!
Anonymous said…
Looks like fun, and also looks like they are all well again. I pray all stays well for a long time.


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