Happy Birthday Grandma

It was my mom's birthday today so we had a little family party for her at our house. The kids were allowed to choose their own gifts for Grandma and I thought it was really cute what they each chose.

Owen gave her a big bag of cookies :)

Aiden gave her some pretty jewelry.

Aiden's picture-card that he made her said "May the fors (force) be with you my young padawan learner" :)

Olivia gave her a pink scarf.

Owen wasn't feeling very well today... I think he has the same bronchitis-y type thing I have right now. Poor kid. Asthma sucks. But he was so sweet today- I think he sang happy birthday to my mom about a dozen times and pretty much every time he talked to her all day he said "happy birthday Grandma". It was really very cute.

Grandma let the kids blow out her candles and then cut each kid whatever piece of her cake that they asked for.
My husband Doug took all of these pictures... have you read about his crazy experience with the cops yesterday?? It is pretty darn funny.

Anyway, it was a good day today. I am exhausted though. And I really really really want to be healthy again. Sigh.

Happy birthday mom! I love you :)


Patricia Ward said…
It was a sensational b'day party! I love my presents - this includes the Magic Bullet that you & Doug gave me. I feel SO loved. I've never been sung so many Happy Birthday songs in my life before. Getting older is ok! Thank you all so much..I love these pictures.
Anonymous said…
How fun! Great pictures :-)

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