Ear Ache

It is 7:30 pm and I have been up for 16 hours. Olivia woke up in the middle of the night screaming in pain from her ears. After about an hour of that I took her to the ER... two hours later we saw a doctor. Apparently Olivia wasn't sick enough to call a doctor in (yes, our hospital is small enough that it would be necessary). They gave her some sort of magic med when we arrived which eventually put her to sleep so I just held her and let her sleep for about an hour. She kept waking up and pulling on her ear and crying. Poor little girl.

The doctor gave us a prescription and as long as the Advil keeps working she is doing quite well. But when the meds wear off she is back to trying to pull her ear off of her head. She has also slept a lot today which doesn't bode well for bedtime tonight. Such is life.

I remember having ear aches when I was little and oh how I hated them!! They are just nasty. 

So I am really really really hoping that this prescription will knock the ear aches and the cold that has been plaguing her for the past couple weeks right out of her system asap. I am done with sickness.

The weather is supposed to be just beautiful in the next week and we need to go out and enjoy the sunshine. No more being sick for us!!

But for right now I am just plain exhausted. Getting up before 4am is just a really bad idea. 


Amanda Daybyday said…
Ugh. Ear aches are horrible, horrible, horrible. Feel better soon little girl!
lfhpueblo said…
Do they have the prescription ear drops Auralgan in Canada?
This is a pain killing ear drop.
My doctor always gave my mom a prescription for this when I got ear infections. It was the only thing that helped the pain and the drops were effective for about six hours before having to be put back in again.
Shash said…
I'm going to look for those ear drops!! My Li Li complaining about both of his ears now!! He can barely swallow.

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