Camping Out in the Dining Room?

The kids were given a gift today of a two-man tent... and since it is currently snowing outside (booooo) they set it up in the dining room. Of course. So they watched movies on our portable DVD player inside the tent. They ate supper in the tent. They played in the tent. They begged me to let them sleep in the tent tonight ... but I told them they had to wait until the weekend to have a camp-out but they could play in it tomorrow morning before school. So the tent remains set up in our dining room so that they can have more fun in it tomorrow.

Did I mention they love the tent? :)


Amanda Daybyday said…
So very fun. What great parents you are!
Katherine said…
Chris and I have been talking about setting up a tent so the kids can go "camping" again. David has been asking me to go camping every other day lately and since it is to cold outside still we thought we would camp in the living room! Your boys look like they are enjoying their new tent!!
Patricia Ward said…
I showed this post to Bill and he was so happy to see the kids enjoying their new tent! You really are great parents to tolerate a tent in the dining room for more than one day! Do hope Olivia will be better tomorrow!

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