Winter Olympics -ish

Today Doug and I had the chance to volunteer at the boys' school for their outdoor play day where they had their own version of the Winter Olympics. It was a perfectly glorious day for outdoor activities. It was sunny and really warm, only -2 degrees Celsius (28 degrees Fahrenheit ). We were outside for about 3 hours and the kids did all sorts of "Olympic" activities like the bobsled (aka sledding down the hill) and moguls (aka jumping into hoops and over mounds of snow) and figure skating (aka running around and making up dance moves in the snow). It was very cute to watch and I was so happy that I got to be a part of it.

Doug took a whole bunch of pictures for the school and these are two of the ones he took of Aiden and I walking from one event to another.

And yes, I realize my hat and mitts don't match but that is because I managed to lose one of my pink mitts in the snow... and you would think it would be easy to spot in all that white but it turned out to be surprisingly difficult... and I never did find it.

In our last school I got to volunteer a lot more in the boys' classrooms and I miss it. They don't allow that kind of volunteering here most of the time.

Anyway, I loved being able to hang out with Aiden and Owen today and Olivia had fun playing with Grandma. Perfect.


Sandra said…
Hey Tara,
How pretty! I love snow pics. lol
Sounds like you had a very nice day with the kids. :)

I live in the far south of Louisiana and we don't get to see a lot of snow and when we do, we LOVE it. lol

I have an award for you on my blog

Have a great weekend!
Unknown said…
Today the kids had Winer Carnival, lots of outdoor activities. They wanted me to volunteer but I had to get some assignments done.

I've been trying to get into my son's grade 6 class since September, it's hard to believe that it's almost March. I have to force my schedule to include this, this is soooo much more important that anything else combined. i need to do while he's still begging me to hang around with them, grade 7 isn't too far off and kids change so fast after that.

I'm glad you got to enjoy your day at the school day. :-)
mmichele said…
I love that picture... it's so peaceful even though I can imagine a day like that is anything but!

And for the record, my mitts don't even match EACH OTHER by this time in the season... I wouldn't have noticed your hat and mittens if you hadn't mentioned them!
AussieMaz said…
Do the words 'really warm' and '-2 degrees Celsius' really belong in the same sentence? I guess warm is relative.

Great pictures, I agree with Michele, it looks so peaceful.

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