Weekly Winners- White Petals


My husband gave me flowers this week and my daughter has a bit of a sensory experience with them. You can read about that HERE. I took these pictures during that experience. This has been a week of good pictures but since I have already posted most of them on other blog posts I won't do it again here.

I love flowers :)

You can find more Weekly Winners at I Am Lotus a.k.a. SarcasticMom.com .


Unknown said…
beautiful shots
Greetje said…
Wonderful photo's!
Laane said…
You've got talent. What a beautiful photos.
oh what a lovely experience to capture. gorgeous photos.

(and nice to meet another tara.)
Colleen said…
Me, too. :) And these are beautiful!
Colleen said…
My goodness... those are beautiful pictures! My favorite is the third one down.

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