Princesses and the sick people

Doug and I are both sick this week... neither of us got much sleep last night. Doug was busy coughing out a lung and I was busy feeling hideous. So today both of us were absolutely exhausted. My mom very graciously came over to play with Olivia so that we could both get some extra sleep. Doug stayed in bed until noon and then I went back to bed and stayed there for a few hours.

I hate being sick. Ugh.

But my mom and Olivia had fun playing together. 3 cheers for Grandma!

One of the games they played was Princesses and they both put on some old skirts of mine as princess dresses and I just had to take some pictures...

So cute :)


Linda said…
I never grow tired of seeing your family. They are so delightful. How gracious of grandma to be photographed also!!!
Unknown said…
I hope you guys are starting to feel better!! Mend well my friend!!

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