I no likey migraines

I have a migraine paired with a cold or flu or something that is just kicking my butt today. I thought I was getting better but then I just got progressively worse today. I am just not feeling well. Blech.

Today was a holiday here- family day - so there was no school. We took the kids swimming this morning and it was pretty fun. Olivia refused to swim for very long though. Other than that it has been a pretty mellow day. The boys went and hung out with grandma for awhile too which was a nice break for me. I sat around on the couch and tried to feel better.

I've been reading up on migraines and found a chapter on migraines in children and I think Aiden might have had a few of those and I just didn't recognize it. I didn't realize how different migraines are in kids than in adults. It makes me sad to think I have passed another faulty gene onto my poor son. He gets my asthma, he gets daddy's adhd, he gets Autism and then to top it all off he gets migraines!?? How is that fair?

I was also reading that asthma and thyroid issues are triggers for migraines and that people with migraines are more likely to have depression. Typical. It's like my body is ganging up on me. Booooo.

But emotionally I am doing just fine and that makes me happy. My body may feel like crap but at least I can still smile and enjoy my family :)

Hopefully this stupid pain will be gone in the morning and I will be able to dazzle you all with my  wit and charm... or at least post some nice pictures again. Be well everyone.


Unknown said…
I had major migraines as a child, they said food tolerances at that time but last Sept, my chiro said that it's more likely because my C1 and C2 slightly touch and one is almost touching my brain stem.

I hope you feel better soon, maybe it's weather related! You need to get out of the snowy north and head somewhere warm!!

I have a few suggestions..... lol :-)

Bcteagirl said…
Sorry to hear about the migraine! I used to teach about migraines at a medical clinic.


ALL soups (Yes, even if you think they are MSG free.. unless you made and grew everything (eg spice mixes, broth, broth base, everything).


Citrus (Oj, oranges, lemonade, etc)

Ham, MSG, etc

Those are a few of the ones people tend for forget about. Think of it as rocks in a boat. What might not normally cause a migraine (you might for example eat soup on a semi-regular basis) can cause a migraine when other issues (stress, weather, sleep, diet, illness) are present as well. And during a migraine all these foods can prolong an attack.

Feel better soon!!

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