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I recently started a new work-at-home job and I am really enjoying it! I absolutely adore my new boss (she is fabulous... hi boss!). I love the flexibility. I love not having to leave my house to go to work. And since I already love the computer I love that my job is on the computer!

But I must admit I am finding it a little hard to adjust to the whole working-at-home thing... how do you work at home moms do it? Got any tricks you would like to share with me? How do you entertain a three year old while you are trying to work? Do you keep specific hours? What do you do with the constant intteruptions? Do you schedule your household chores or just do them when you get a chance? How do you keep from spending your entire day doing one form of work or another... do you ever have time to just relax? Does working at home part-time make me a work-at-home mom or a stay-at-home mom?

Feel free to give advice on this one.

It seems that most of my work is done after the boys are in bed. And honestly I have no idea how you working moms do it... there is no way I could keep this whole house going AND work a full time job. I can barely keep it together now!!

I reviewed a great book on my book blog yesterday called House Works and I am going to implement a LOT of the amazing advice in it.

I used to be a VERY organized person. Then I had kids. What happened to that girl? My goal this year is to try and get her back. I am a list person so I am going to start with that I think.

My dear friend Becky has known me since my boys were 10 months and 2 years old and she has encouraged me many times by saying that her house was chaotic when her kids were that small and promising me that it DOES get easier as the kids get older... at least in the housework department. And she is so right. The older the kids get the more sane I feel and so the more sane my home is. I'm sure not having post-partum depression anymore also contributes to that feeling.  So thank-you Becky for consistently reassuring me that having a VERY imperfect home did not make me a bad mother. I love you.

I wasn't sure if I would but you know what? I am totally loving working again... it has been 7 years since I had a paid job and it is pretty fun getting paid for what I do!! Don't get me wrong I have loved being a stay-at-home mom and it has been a priority for us and of course that has its own rewards... but having a pay-cheque (even a small one) is nice too. :)

And can I just tell all you moms out there who regularly tell me that your homes aren't perfect and your kids aren't perfect and you aren't perfect either that I love you. Thanks. It is always nice to know you aren't the only imperfect one around :)

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Colleen said…
I'm so glad that you're always so honest - I can't imagine what it would've been like to be a mom before the internet and blogging existed - you'd probably always think that everyone else was perfect! lol I love that the internet can help connect all us imperfect people. Thanks for doing that. You are not alone!
Unknown said…
Working from home does have it's challenges, it took me a few months to get used to it and not to over do it or neglect it.

Some days, I'm in my jammies all day, working from my bed with piles of clean laundry to fold surrounding me.

Because my youngest is in JK 2 days a week, I know those days are catch up on work days. The days he's home, like today, I think I've worked about 20 minutes in total. Unless he naps... It's just the way it goes. :-)

I steal moments here or there but then when I have a meeting or have to be focused on the computer, I give Jake to hubby or Grandma and if they aren't around, I have been known to turn on the TV and say, "stay here until I get back". My kids are used to it by now that if they see me with a headset on, they don't come into my room. Or I hear from behind me, "mommy are you working?!" in the loudest whisper ever. Which is OK, all my clients and my boss knows I am a Mom first.

Just like I know you're a mom first :-) You'll find your balance, and if you need some help... just ask!

You're an excellent "employee"!!! lol
Tanya said…
I love my new boss too!! I had no idea you were new to this me you seem like a pro! I'm trying to find a balance as well, because both of my kids are always home (toddlers) and I have no fam in my city so I identify with what you're saying...BUT I'm loving it too and I am thrilled that we get to work "together" :)
Unknown said…
I love you. You're awesome.
Unknown said…
hehehe, your boss IS pretty incredible! LOL

I just started working from home (with a paycheque) in June of last year, before that... I had a short break as a SAHM (from Nov 07 - Jun 09) before that... I worked outside the house, in a credit union.

I much prefer working at home! I have my own money and it helps that I love what I do!! I figure, I'm online anyway... might as well get paid for it! :-)
Unknown said…
juggling - that's what it is! sometimes you can keep it all going smoothly and sometimes you can't, but that's life. (I have to remind myself of this a LOT)
when you say, "wonderful in their own imperfect ways" do you mean, you don't think I could win Mother-of the Year award?
Dang it, I was just thinking about dusting a place for the trophy...

I try to do as much as I can after they go to bed-- which usually means a late night and I drop in exhaustion. I also fully incorporate their boundless energy with chores and other ways to help around the house. Kids LOVE to feel they are contributing and they've helped Mom or Dad.

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