Flowers for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is coming up and I just thought I would remind all you men out there that you can send flowers in Canada and the USA and around the world super easily so there is absolutely no excuse not to do something lovely for the woman you love!

Canada Flowers has an excellent selection of beautiful flowers starting at about $35. So go for it! Send flowers to the one you love this Valentine's day.


Shash said…
it's a bit tricky this year, V-day falls on a Sunday. I hope the hubby's out there are paying attention and send them earlier!! My fav... was getting flowers at my work. I was in an office with a couple dozen women, talk about EV-VY when that delivery arrived!! :-)
Rose said…
Red roses means love, so if you want to tell someone 'I Love You', sending a bouquet of 12 red rose flowers is the romantic thing to do.

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