DanActive review

I was given the chance to try out Danone DanActive probiotic drinks this week. We got a 4-pack of Blueberry flavour drinks to sample.

Here is some more information about DanActive:

A specialized formula
Not all probiotics confer the same benefits —while some promote to improve digestive transit, others can help strengthen your natural defenses, DanActive® is the only probiotic drink with L. casei Defensis® and the only one proven to help strengthen your natural defenses as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

A perfectly-sized bottle
DanActive® tastes so great you may wonder why the folks at Danone didn’t make these bottles bigger. Turns out studies have shown that the 10 billion beneficial bacteria in each bottle of DanActive® is the amount needed to help strengthen your natural defenses— that’s why it comes in such a perfectly-sized, effective 93mL bottle.
I must admit that I was not impressed with the teeny-tiny bottles but Olivia (my 3 year old daughter) loved them. They were perfect for her tiny hands and she could drink a whole bottle in one sitting. She loved the flavour and would have been happy to consume all 4 bottles if I had let her over the course of the week. The size of the drinks honestly made me wonder if they were worth the price.

I enjoyed the blueberry flavour but the four-packs are also is available in Strawberry, Raspberry, and Cranberry. I preferred the drink very cold... sort of like a small flavour shot.

I can't say that I noticed any real difference in the way I felt over my very short trial run with DanActive... but I assume I would if I continued on drinking one per day as suggested. According to Danone 24 scientific studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of DanActive in strengthening the body's natural defenses.

Overall this product didn't WOW me but it didn't disappoint me either. Our family likely won't be buying them on a regular basis at this point in time but we probably will pick some up occasionally as a treat for Olivia :).

I reviewed this product as part of a BzzCampaign with BzzAgent. They supplied me with a coupon for one free 4-pack of DanActive.


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