Charlie Church Mouse

Both of my sons adore playing on the computer. Aiden regularly tells us that computer class at school is his favourite class of the day. They pretty much constantly pester us to let them play on the computer so I was more than happy to try out the Charlie Church Mouse games with them.

My only complaint with the games is that they are not MAC friendly so we couldn't use them on my computer- only on my husband's. Unfortunate. I truly wish everyone would realize the brilliance of the MAC and make everything MAC friendly. But alas, that has not happened yet.

But other than that I think these games are fabulous. Both of my sons were absolutely 100% engaged in the stories and games. I love that they are learning biblical stories and truths at the same time as other educational skills. Brilliant.

The games didn't require any reading to play at the basic level so there really was no parental involvement necessary. The boys played games that helped them learn to tell time, count money, add and subtract, spell, rhyme... all sorts of skills! I found it fun to watch them enjoy the games so much.

Olivia hasn't fully grasped the concept of computers and using a mouse so I had to help her a lot (hence no pictures of her playing) but I think that is mostly because we really haven't let her be on the computer very much yet. I think with a little practice she could play the preschool games no problem.

The games are 100 % kid-friendly and since they are bible based there is certainly nothing objectionable in them.

Here is information on the games that I took from the Inspired Media website:

The Charlie Church Mouse! games are interactive CD-ROM learning adventures for the PC. Here children have an opportunity to learn, explore, and have fun with the help of a lovable friend, Charlie Church Mouse. Children not only learn classic bible stories from the Old & New Testament, they also learn academic skills vital to early childhood development. The Early Elementary computer game is designed for children ages 5-8. The Kindergarten game is designed for ages 2-6 and the Preschool game is designed for ages 2-6.

  • These exciting computer games lead your child on a journey of academic discovery all the while reinforcing the positive moral values you teach in your home.
  • 6 unique Bible stories with multiple levels and activities on each game.
  • Children will learn addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, spelling, time and money, art and music, synonyms and antonyms, reasoning skills and more.
  • Low system requirements so the games can be enjoyed on virtually any modern computer running Windows 98 or higher.

Minimum System Requirements
  • Windows® 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista
  • Pentium® 300MHz processor or faster
  • 64MB RAM
  • 250MB free hard disk space
  • 12x CD/DVD-ROM drive or faster
  • SVGA color graphics adapter
  • 16-bit Windows compatible Sound Card
  • Mouse

You can purchase these games at the Inspired Media web store for $19.97 each.

The Charlie Church Mouse games are a total hit in our house... in fact as soon as Owen got home from school today he asked if he could play "Charlie" and then cried when he realized that he couldn't because daddy was using his computer for work. Poor kid :)

I would definitely recommend the Charlie Church Mouse games!

Thanks so much to Inspired Media for sending us review copies of these games!


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