Aiden's Art

These are a few of the pictures Aiden has given me to put on my wall...






Anyone want to analyze them? :)


the Doug said…
love it.
Kelly said…
these are great, and definitley drawn by a boy...weird and wonderful monsters, crazy hair, your basic destruction :) they all have so many layers of things going favourite is the ship...there is action going on in the air, on the ship, and under the water...i'm trying to figure out what those fish are doing!
Dana said…
I'll analyze them for you!! After all, three credits into a psychology degree, I'm qualified, right?

My analysis is:

1) A boy drew these
2) He has an active imagination
3) He feels comfortable expressing himself through drawing/coloring, rather than with words
4) He has easy access to art materials
5) He likes red

Okay, that's about all I can say. I could make up a deep, philosophical reason for his color choices and themes, if you like. ;)
Becky Mayerle said…
Very cool drawings Aiden, they are full of action, just like you. Love your imagination!!

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