Actual conversation 5 minutes ago...

Olivia: hey guys (normal voice)

Aiden and Owen: ignoring her completely

Olivia: hey guuuyyysss (a little louder this time)

Aiden and Owen: ignoring her completely

Olivia: HEY GUYYYSSSS!!!!!! (yelling)

Aiden and Owen: ignoring her completely

Mommy: Hey Aiden and Owen, are you capable of answering your sister? Because it would really make me happy if you would!! (insert huge sigh here)

Owen: WWHHHAAAAATTTTTT Owivia? (in his best impersonation of a VERY oppressed 6 year old) but continuing to ignore her completely.

Daddy: hahahahahahahaha

Mommy: sigh

Olivia: dowen! (hands on hips doing best impersonation of her exasperated mother, stomps off and sits in the corner doing her best impersonation of a truly dejected 3 year old)

but don't worry, she has a plan! She is going to turn them all into newts!

that'll teach 'em.


Tanya said…
Too cute!

She has to have SOME plan to deal with two big brothers. "Newts" sounds like a good plan to me. :)
Unknown said…
that's awesome - just because it means my household isn't the only one like this!
Em Sands said…
Ahhhaha I love it!! And when my youngest asked me what was so funny, I told him next time his big brother is ignoring him, he should turn him into a newt. He thought this was a great idea: "Okay! ... What's a newt again?"
= )
Have a happy week, guys!
Unknown said…
hahaha, I love 3 year olds!!!

Last night, we were watching "Faith like Potatoes" and there was a pregnant lady then she had a baby and her and her hubby were kissing.... Jake (who's 4) says without a hesitation... "here comes another baby"
Linda said…
Sibling! Aren't they just a hoot!
Shoz said…
Poor girl! She better get used to it! Being the "baby" is never easy!
Patricia Ward said…
It's fascinating how strong she is about the boys ignoring her. I like the newt thing!

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