2010 Winter Olympics - Vancouver, BC, Canada

I am just sitting here watching the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympic games. It is more than a little cool that the games are being held in Canada this year. I am NOT a huge sports fan but even I love that fact that my country is hosting the games. Yay Canada!

I grew up around the Vancouver area and it is just so beautiful there. Seeing the pictures and sights of BC makes me homesick.

I am always patriotic- I love my country and I am incredibly proud to be a Canadian... but there is something about the ceremonies tonight that is making me even more proud of my country. Best country in the world- Canada!!

Happy Olympics to you all :)


Fokxxy said…
Fellow proud Canadian here!! I totally agree with you. The Olympics being in Canada and the ceremonies being so awe inspiring ignites a pride in me that is hard to explain! Go Canada! I hope we win Gold on home soil!!
Unknown said…
It makes me terribly homesick too. Gosh, I wish I was there! But not really, cuz I couldn't handle the crowds.
Unknown said…
I cried on an off all picking day yesterday!! I was an emotional mess :-)

It was from a mixture of Canadian pride, homesickness, jealousy (my family is out there and I'm not, so tied with the previous explanation), sadness (about the luge accident), and more Canadian pride!!

I should have just bitten the bullet and paid the ridiculous airfares to get out there!
Bcteagirl said…
I was also very moved by the opening ceremonies. I noticed in the walk of the teams that so many countries were new this year. I think that is just great!

Did everyone else catch that story about the team from India? How they arrived with old non-matching uniforms, and the Indo-Canadian community pulled together and bought them new uniforms etc? That just illustrates one of the many reasons I am so proud to be Canadian. :)

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