YooHoo & Friends

We were recently sent some adorable little creatures from YooHoo & Friends to review. My daughter absolutely adores them. Here is some information about YooHoo & Friends that I received from the publicist...

"Allow me to introduce you to the line of plush characters with a cuddly countenance and big eyes no plush-loving kid or collector can resist. Called YooHoo & Friends™ by Aurora World Inc. (www.auroragift.com), the company's number one selling plush product line can be found in thousands of retailers across the nation, and online at http://shop.auroragift.com.

With more than 50 styles in the line, you'll see why boys and girls (geared to ages 5-12) are obsessed with the lovable line of fun plush characters. There are a
variety of sizes and themes (i.e.: Valentine’s, Spring/Easter, Halloween, Holidays, Birthdays, Graduation) with a design for just about anyone. Aurora will introduce many new YooHoo & Friends throughout next year but look for the Beaver, Yellow Tiger, Jaban Rhinoceros and Japanese Macque (five and eight inches) to kick off 2010 introductions. They join the Scarlet Macaw, Barbary Lion, Iberian Lynx, Platypus and a host of other characters.

Even better, YooHoo & Friends teach kids about endangered species from around the globe. There's a corresponding free, interactive web site (no annoying activation codes required) http://www.yoohoofriends.com that teaches about the animals (on which the YooHoo & Friends line of characters are based) in their natural habitats; as well as a host of games, desktop wallpapers, coloring sheets and more -- the web site makes learning about these animals engaging and fun. Each plush piece makes a fun sound when squeezed."

My sons were not as interested in the actual toys but they did like the website. Aiden (age 7) told me he thought the animals were "cute but made for girls". But when I asked him what he thought about the website he said it was "cool". Owen (age 6) told me he liked the "stuffies" and thought it was cool that they "talked". He also liked the website.

Olivia (age 3)  LOVES the toys... but is too young to play on the website. She has adopted the stuffies and has no intention of sharing them with anyone.

I like the educational aspect of YooHoo & Friends. I think it is great that they are based on endangered animals. The website is quite easy to navigate and completely kid-friendly. There is a lot kids can do on the site- raising  their chosen pet, decorating its room, playing games and more.

Be sure to check out YooHoo & Friends!


Shash said…
those are super cute! I'll have to look up a retailer close to me!
lfhpueblo said…
Colorful and very cuddly cute.

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