Wordless Wednesday - the look


Oh how I know that look, but those eyes are absolutely beautiful!
Ok, what is she thinking? :-) Love the hat by the way!! I'm a big hat person....not on me, but my daughter!
That is one serious look.
Oh that's just an incredible picture - the hat, her gorgeous eyes, and that look on her face... Awesome!
Unknown said…
I love it!
~ t a m m y ~ said…
The eyes!!!
I love your daughter's eyes!

My Wee View said…
Oh My Gosh,, those Eyes are adorable :)

What a cutie pie

Unknown said…
LOOK AT THOSE EYES!!! great pic!!
Anonymous said…
That look says "Mom don't you know how to spell Wednesday"? (title above Olivia's beautiful picture) Just kidding. :)

Tarasview said…
bwahahahaha- I totally didn't even notice that I can't spell!! HA! Just goes to show the kind of week I am having!

I must change that now.
Unknown said…
Enter her and this pic in the Beautiful Babies on Regis and Kelly!!!
Mariana said…
I get that look ALL the time. She has such pretty eyes!

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