Wordless Wednesday- Conversation with Daddy


Shoz said…
these are hysterical!!!! What were they talking about that she made all those funny faces???
I've just had such a giggle. How expressive! The curls are gorgeous, too.
Susie said…
That is so sweet!!
Jinny said…
Seriously, could she be any cuter? She kinda looks like a little actress there!
Unknown said…
I haven't done a Wordless Wednesday is way over a year... I DID ONE TODAY!! :-) I found the widget and everything, made myself so proud. lol

I love the last shot, she's so intense in her conversation!! haha

She's so cute! It looks like such an animated conversation!
Kelly said…
thanks for making me smile today...she is definitely a girl!
lfhpueblo said…
LOL. I'm sorry, but when I see pictures like these I want to put in my own cartoon captions.
1st photo caption "Dad, look at that boy over there!"
2nd photo "He's stinky, really stinky!"
3rd photo "I thought I was going to hurl before he moved next to Jenny."
I know I'm stupid and I know that's not what they were saying.
Actually, don't tell anybody, but
when hubby and me are driving somewhere he put words in mouths of dramatic looking couples or even kids in other cars.
Hubby will start off pretending he's the guy,
"Mable, I told you this was the wrong turn off."
Then I might quip in with "No, it's the right turn off, you just have to keep driving this way, then we turn before that McDonald's over there. That'll get us to Aunt Kate's place."
Hubby, "Why do we have to see Aunt Kate, can't we go to the Monster Rally instead. No monster truck ever brings up that I look fatter than the last time it saw me."
Etc., etc., etc.... It's all make believe.... These people are totally talking about something else, but it makes the time go faster on a long car drive to a Doctor's visit out of town.
Margaret said…
Love these pics - how does Doug keep a straight face when her expressions are so hilarious and priceless!
Linda said…
How expressive your daughter is! Love those 'daddy talks.'
Sarah said…
Those are adorable - she's so expressive!
Jana said…
How absolutely precious! Looks like quite the conversation!!
LOL, those are so cute!!
Anonymous said…
Bah,HAHAH... Hilarious!

Aunt Erica

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