We took the kids to the public library and then swimming after school today and we even went out for supper as a family. It was really fun. The kids wore themselves out at the pool and ALL THREE are blissfully asleep right now. Perfect.

I am so proud of my boys. They are growing so fast and they are learning so much and |I think they are amazing. Tonight I got to watch Aiden swim the length of the pool several times over without wearing a life jacket... he couldn't do that two months ago. I got to watch Owen jump into the deep end and swim all the way to the shallow end by himself without a life jacket... he was scared of the deep end two months ago. Tonight Aiden and Owen each read me two stories and I adore hearing them read. It amazes me how they have learned this amazing new skill. And even though they are both still behind I am amazed at just how far they have come in such a short time. They are just amazing.

Even Olivia had fun swimming with daddy tonight. It was a really good day.

But I have to admit something...I am watching more news on Haiti right now and my heart is just breaking for them. The insane discrepancies between my day and the day of a typical mom in Haiti today is just so wrong. I am a woman of faith and I believe that God is in control... even in the midst of chaos. But I can't help but wonder why God would allow this particular disaster to happen to a country that was already struggling so much.

It does make me incredibly thankful for the safety of my family and thankful for the fact that we live in Canada.


Unknown said…
Me too! It breaks my heart and humbles me as I deal with my minor problems. Thank God for Canada.
Kelly said…
I think the even though these situations break God's heart...He uses them to shake the rest of the world awake.
Carmen said…
Breaks my heart, too. It happens for reasons unknown to our finite minds. It's just part of the fallen world. It can be used to bring out the best of mankind and to awaken us to God's sovereignty.
~ t a m m y ~ said…
So true. We are so lucky to be living in Canada..last year we had our first tornado in Woodbridge, Ontario. It happend just the street over my Mom's were destroyed. It was terrifying knowing it can happen here too!
Petula said…
It is quite overwhelming hearing about the tragedy in Haiti. I have the same thought and feel helpless, sad and thankful all at the same time. The amount of loss is ... gosh, I lack a word for how it makes me feel. I can't imagine dealing with something like that. They're already a strong people who have endured so much - this seems so unfair.

I was just telling someone today that it's so amazing to hear the little that my son can read. I didn't even have the words to describe that feeling either. Maybe I need a nap. I'm glad you enjoyed time with your family; there's always a feeling of satisfaction at the end of a day like that.

Have a great weekend.
my2boyz said…
I have been crying on and off for a few days. My heart just breaks for the people of Haiti, the children is what it killing me! i want to go and sweep them all into my arms and tell them it will be OK...but of course that is not possible. So insted I pray that the aid will get to them before it is too late.
Bebemiqui said…
Haiti makes most of our troubles look small. I know that He has this happen to bring about His perfect will for each person...I'm saddened, but joyful because I know there were many saved souls that are now beholding Him!
As to how I'm doing...fine, still feeling like I'm losing my mind, but that's okay. It's keeping me more diligent in the Word, that's for sure.

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