that sucked...

Owen slipped and smashed his head into our van door today and managed to gash his forehead... It really wasn't too too bad but I thought it would be wise to take him in to see if he should get a stitch or two.

We got to the hospital and waited in line to see the receptionist lady. That took about 20 minutes. I asked the receptionist if she thought his wound was enough of a deal to be seen. She ignored me completely.

Then we went and waited to see the triage nurse. That took another 15 minutes.

We saw the nurse. The nurse did all the things nurses do and then I asked her if SHE thought it was a big enough deal to wait around. She said "Oh ya, you will probably want something done so he doesn't get a scar".  She was very nice.

But then she completely lied to me. She said "there are 4 people ahead of you in line so you shouldn't be waiting very long at all."

Off we went to wait in the waiting room.

We waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

FOR TWO HOURS we waited.

Then Owen actually started crying and asking if he could go home and go to bed.

I went and asked the receptionist lady if she happened to know about how much longer we needed to wait... she waved her hand at me and walked away.

I looked at my sobbing son with blood on his forehead and decided we should just go home.

So THREE HOURS after we first arrived we left the hall of torture known as our local hospital without seeing the doctor.

Now I understand there must have been extenuating circumstances and good reasons why it took over 2 hours to see 2 patients (the third person ahead of us was still waiting when we left). But seriously, if there is something huge going on to make it so we wouldn't get in for HOURS than SOMEONE could have come out to the waiting room and said "don't bother waiting". There were only 3 of us waiting and 2 of the patients were little kids.

Owen was amazing the whole time and was so patient and good. But I just couldn't put him through anymore. He went to sleep in minutes after we arrived home. Poor kid.

So that sucked.

Remind me to NEVER do that again. I'm sure Owen prefers the small scar he will have to sitting in that waiting room for another 2 hours.


angela said…
I went out and bought a pack of steri-strips after a similar thing happened to us one day.

We did get the 4 stitches.....then my son proceeded to pick scab off his forehead later-making it all pretty pointless.

The steri-strips are great!
Unknown said…
been there... done that! With 2 of my boys.

First child, we waiting for over 6 hours in the waiting room and about an hour in the back, for a 2 minute glue job. He has a nice little scar along his eyebrow.

Second child did this to me TWICE! First his face, we waited over 4 hours for that one. The second trip back with him was for the back of his head, that one was around 4 hours again. I blogged about that one...
Bcteagirl said…
Oh no! Poor little guy :(
Bebemiqui said…
Poor guy, thank goodness they bounce back well. I hate ER's!!! I'm sure the hospital's wish there was something more effective.
What about a serious half and less serious half...though I'm sure w/ cost and staff they wouldn't have enough funds to do that.
This is reason number 5 billion why it would be nice to be a nurse myself. We actually know 2 nurses, so there have been a handful of times I've had them quickly triage my kids or answer questions to see if they thought it was a big deal.
Unknown said…
poor guy! and poor mama too... that just sucks going through all of that.
Jessica said…
Wow what an ordeal! I would have been exhausted, so I can imagine he was! It is unfortunate about the receptionist, there is no reason in life to be so rude (at least in my opinion!)

I hope you are both doing better now! Have a great day!
lfhpueblo said…
Usually they can't stitch it anyways when that much time has past. They'll just usually clean it off alittle bit. Give them a Tetnus shot if they are due for one, and either put a drop of skin glue on it, or some steri strips and then a bandage.
I don't know if you have Mederma available at your local pharmacy, but that helps you keep from getting a bad scar, especially if you start putting it on a couple times a day early on. Just ask your local pharmacist, they should have sometime similiar to Mederma if it isn't available where you live.

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