the quiet has descended...

I am experiencing a very rare occurance in my home right now- silence.

My husband and sons are attending the Olympic Flame festivities here in our small town along with the rest of the elementary school...actually probably most of the town will be there.

Not me.

My daughter is fast asleep upstairs and I am basking in the silence.

I have seen the Olympic Flame twice in my life now so I don't feel the same passion to stand in the freezing cold (-35 degrees) to watch it a third time.

According to my husband that is being un-patriotic.

I think of it more as self-preservation.

Besides, I am just loving the quiet almost-aloneness of this hour!



Unknown said…
Enjoy the silence!!
I didn't have any desire to go see the flame when it passed by our city either. I've never seen it before, but that didn't make much difference to me. Hope you enjoyed the silence!
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Sorry about the multiple comments. Not sure how that happened. Was only able to delete a couple of them...
Anonymous said…
enjoy the peace and quiet use it to be productive and also just do something you love
Well, I'm terribly un-patriotic, b/c I wouldn't withstand even -5 to watch it. (I've never seen it.)

Ya' gotta love the silence.

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