Playing Store with Olivia

I got to play "store" with Olivia this morning and she was just so adorable. She kept saying "Welcome to my store!" and throwing her arms out wide and grinning.

There are 4 different pictures of food on her cash register - apples, grapes, carrots, and an eggplant. She will only let you buy those four items... and usually not eggplant since I am certain she has NO idea what it is. I haven't exactly introduced her to it yet since I pretty much hate it. Ick.

She also kept giving me money instead of letting me give her money... now THAT is the kind of store I like!

She also held her hands as though she were typing on a keyboard... seriously so cute.

After every transaction she would look at me and say "I wuv you mommy". 

Best. Store. Ever.


She just has the most amazingly sparkly eyes and fantastic lashes! What a cutie!
lezanac said…
She is definitely the cutest check out girl I have ever seen.
Amanda said…
Sooo cute. Isn't it such a great being a mom? I know I love playing with my kids, just remembering to stop and play is hard sometimes! Blessings to your little family.
She is soooooo precious!!!!!!

I just love those curls.
Patricia Ward said…
Aw, I do have the sweetest granddaughter in the world!

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