Ontario Hands Free Law

Ontario has a new hands free law (no using hand-held devices like cell phones while driving) and so everyone is looking for ways to stay connected while keeping safe and not breaking the law. I personally think the law is a good thing considering how many accidents happen when people text. Being distracted is never a good idea when you are in control of something that can so easily cause huge damage. And beyond that all you need is a good hands free solution like Voice on the Go and you are all set.

Voice on the Go® is a powerful new voice solution that allows drivers to send texts and listen to emails with their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Go to http://www.hands-free-solutions.ca for a free 30 day trial. There is nothing to download and nothing to install. It works on ANY cell phone, ANY handsfree device, and on ANY wireless network.

Here is a Voice On the Go Youtube video

It sounds like a good idea to me.

I do think it is a little funny how times have changed... I seriously remember lying in the back window of the car waving to the folks driving behind us... whose kids were also seatbelt-less waving right back :).  But we are in a new world now where hands free email and hands free texting are becoming a necessity!

Ironically I don't even OWN my own cell phone... but I think I might be the only cell-phone-less person left in Canada :).  My husband has one though and he has been looking for good hands free solutions and that is how I discovered Voice on the Go. And to be perfectly honest I am still amazed that it is even possible to convert voice to text... the people who invent these things are just beyond intelligent.


Krista said…
all i can say is... It's about time!! i once dispatched 2 cruisers and a helicopter chasing after what we thought was a drunk driver (he was all over the road driving like a maniac)... only to find out that he was talking on his cellphone.
Mark said…
I can see it is a problem, but they need to crack down on other stuff too - people holding aniamls as they drive - there are other dangerous behaviors out there besides cell phones
Tarasview said…
Mark- I absolutely agree.
Shash said…
Last month a friend of mine received a ticket (in BC) for looking at a map while driving. It was well over $300! It only takes a second to look away from the road to cause havoc.

At the beginning of December a guy in a big truck slammed into the back of my Dad's car. Thankfully my dad had just started to move through the intersection otherwise the guy in the truck WHO WAS TEXTING could have killed him. He left grill marks in my Dad's truck he hit him so hard.

I too am a big fan of this speak to text or email thing, so futuristic!!! :-)

Check it out!!

Ottavia said…
I only have my cell for emergencies, I feel more secure in case my car breaks or if I forgot to fil up my gas tank! ;)

Bye the way, I just TAGGED and LINKED you at ...i don’t like mama!

Come check it out...tag you’re it!
lfhpueblo said…
They have the same law for all the military bases in the US and some areas in some states have adopted it. I wish our state would. I don't know about people, but it is very evident that they get into a talk zone and not a watching the road zone.
Shashi said…
Oprah's talking about the deadly issue on Monday, January 18, 2010
Petula said…
That sounds pretty cool. I was checking out that "as seen on tv" one that you hook on your dashboard and you can talk and hear through the speakers. It's only $9.99, I think. I think the law is a good idea; it hasn't been implemented in GA yet.
ChilledOutMa said…
If you think about buying, consider a unit that will dial by number. Will cost more but will eliminate the problem of punching in numbers on the phone.

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