Olivia's Tea Party

I was recently inspired by my friend J. ( from In the Gutter) who wrote a blog post titled "A Penny Saved... is a Missed Opportunity" that begins with the sentence "What are you saving your China for?". It is a good post and you all should head on over and read it. She has inspired me to use my good China more often than just special holidays.

When Olivia asked me today if she could use my "vewy spesal pwates" (very special plates) for her tea party and she added the phrase "I be vewy vewy caweful mommy" (I'll be very very careful mommy) I decided to let her go for it.

I would first like you to notice her stunning outfit. She chose a theme of "stripes" today. Lovely isn't it? I expect it to be all the rage in Hollywood soon. I think the too-small shirt adds a level of style that could be hard for mere mortals to attain.

Olivia very carefully went to my China cabinet and picked out one cup and one plate.

She requested cucumbers and "real tea" (aka dash of tea with large amounts of milk and some sugar mixed together) for her snack.

She enjoyed herself immensely and I enjoyed watching her take such pleasure in my China.

After all it IS going to be hers one day.  I got it from my mom who got it from my grandma... I'll be very impressed if it makes it out of my house all in one piece :)

Thanks for the inspiration J!


I have to admit, I gasped. Ky has a little mermaid tea set that she has managed to chip, crack or all out break nearly every piece... but then I thought, you SO get it. And, that is a Royal Doulton Country Roses pattern-- something I see frequently here in auctions, so if one gets broken, you tell me and I'll hunt down a replacement. Good for you Tara!
BTW, I am going to find me some stripes as soon as possible-- I don't want to look like an out-of-fashion old lady! (She and Ky have the same morning hair)
Unknown said…
I love it!
Unknown said…
That's awesome Tara!
Caroline said…
She is beautiful! You are so right about these special things that have been passed down. What enjoyment do we get from them if they are forever packed away in a box or cabinet. The pleasure comes from using something that we saw our loved ones using.
lfhpueblo said…
My china all got broke long ago by kiddos. I'm not too heart broken though, none of it was inherited. I bought it myself though with money earned from what I'll call my first real job (jobs other than babysitting and house cleaning).
Queenie Jeannie said…
She's beyond adorable!!!!

And you have super gorgeous china too! Bravo for letting her use it!
Patricia Ward said…
Oh Tara, I SO love it that you let her use the good china!
Tanya said…
Tara, I'll say it again: she is just too cute and sweet for words! :)

You are a good mom to let her use your precious china. And thanks for the reminder that our kids are more precious than even our most precious possessions.
Sarah Weisbrod said…
Hey Tara, I love tea parties! I once threw a huge tea party for the little girls in my church with the help of my mum. We used real china tea cups and tea pots and we all dressed in fancy clothes and wore tiaras. Many of those girls are in highschool now and still remind me of that day. I now have tea parties with my real china with one of my friend's little girl. She loves it and always talks about our special tea days.

I'm sure Olivia will always remember that day too! Way to build great memories and teach her she is more important than things but certain things much be taken care of!

sarah weisbrod

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