Olivia's Fortress

Olivia has created (with help from Daddy) her very own tent / house / fort thing in our living room...

She loves hanging out in her special place and I suspect she would like us to keep it up forever.

Even the boys end up lounging in it when Olivia will let them.  And really, why wouldn't they love it when it has every comfy thing in the house inside?

So far we have had it up for two days... and I fully intend on leaving it up for at least two more. It is just so darn cute to hear Olivia chatting to her toys inside oblivious to the outside world. Love it.


Anonymous said…
I love that you captured Olivia's space. It is really cozy in there with all her special stuff and stuffies! She is delightful.Love, Mom
Unknown said…
lfhpueblo said…
What a nice mommy letting her keep it up for so many days.
We totally had to have the house cleaned up before my Dad came home from work when I was a kid, so your hubby is really cool if he doesn't mind the house looking lived in.
Anonymous said…
I love it..We too had to have it cleaned up when we grew up,but my mom was such a clean fanatic so we were lucky when we did get to do this in our family room. But when my kids were small they loved doing this and sometimes spending the night in it.


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