the ice vexes me

I am not a fan of winter driving.

Which is unfortunate since I live in a place that has winter for half the year.

It is not that I don't know HOW to drive in winter conditions... I have done it for 18 years... it is just that I hate it. Passionately.

And just in case you think that is just silly let me tell you what happened to me this fine afternoon while I was driving my son home.

We were stopped at a red light on a relatively steep hill facing up. There are two cars in front of us and a few behind us. Suddenly we start sliding backwards. I am stopped completely and my foot is firmly on the brake and yet we are very slowly going backwards.  I begin to panic. I put the van in park. Still sliding backwards. Folks behind us start backing up. I start doing everything I know how to do to get the stupid van moving forward. I try going sideways. I try flooring it. I try going slow. Nothing. After a few light changes and backing the wretched van halfway down the hill I finally manage to get the stupid van to turn enough to catch on a rough patch and we get moving... slowly and with much spinning of tires. I avoided stopping once again at the red light by turning off that hateful road.  Eventually I made it home.

But during that ordeal I was terrified. My son was freaking out in the backseat. I was praying outloud asking God to help the stupid van up the stupid hill and home.

It was not fun.

When I got home I was more than a little upset and my husband said these very helpful words:

"That never happens to me when I drive".



Unknown said…
ya...that's crappy. Glad you didn't hit something.
Tanya said…
oy! scary!

glad you're ok.
AussieMaz said…

Glad you got home safely.
That sounds terrible!
Becky said…
So sorry...sounds extremely frightening!!! Glad you are safe. Love Becky
Unknown said…
darn ice.... wins every time!
lfhpueblo said…
I hated it a few years back when I did a 360 degree turn on ice, going down a hill at less than 5miles an hour. What finally stopped me was my front tire jumped a squared off curb.
Hubby made a comment similiar to your husband's, "I've never done a 360 on the ice.
Well guess what, this year it happened to him on not a road, but the highway when it was really icy.
Granted we needed to get new tires and we did the weekend after that happened when he was driving to work.
However, I can say this, we were both really lucky because there was no traffic around either of us when our icy roads adventures happened.
I can understand how frightening that would be to think of hitting another vehicle while trying to figure out how to quite sliding.
I'm glad Colorado let's you have studded snow tires, it helps alittle bit.
Patricia Ward said…
Just to make you feel less alone in your icy adventures, Bill said he saw another car sliding down backwards, but a sand truck happened to be there and got some sand under her wheels. You did very well, Darlin'.
Jinny said…
Nasty! No brownie points for Doug this week hey...
you just swore. on your blog. ;-)

It's good to know you always have somewhere safe to land after a harrowing experience -- not at home silly, out here!

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