I heart Jonas DVD review

 Information on the DVD taken from DisneyDVD.com.

Crushin' on JONAS? Get ready to experience the lovable antics of three of the world's most famous musicians with 7 specially selected episodes of the hit Disney Channel Original Series in I HEART JONAS.
Watch and see how Joe reacts when he discovers that Stella has a date with another guy, and check out what happens when the tables are turned and a struggling young actress makes a play for Joe. Plus, with the never-before-seen DVD feature, "You've Just Been JoBro'd! -- Surprising Jordin Sparks," I HEART JONAS is a must-have for any Jonas Brothers fan!


Well... I'm not exactly "crushing" on Jonas but this DVD was cute. The show itself is very family friendly and not nearly as annoying as some teen programming. It actually reminded me a little of the classic "Monkees" TV show from years ago.  The characters are quite funny and totally kid-safe. The bonus features on the DVD were fun- I found the "You've Just Been JoBro'd!" feature pretty funny. If you have kids who are into the Jonas brothers than this is a great choice for you!


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