Foot Pain

My son Aiden has inherited his father's high arches and his poor feet get so sore! We have had a terrible time finding him shoes to help ease the foot pain.

I have done some research online about foot pain in children and found some helpful articles. We will probably need to invest in some custom insoles for added arch support... but at the rate his feet grow I have been reluctant to do so for financial reasons. We have tried a few off-the-shelf version from Walmart but I couldn't get it to "feel right" for my sensory sensitive child.

We had to buy both of the boys new shoes last week and I tried to be extra-careful picking out comfy shoes for him. I read a few articles on buying and fitting shoes because honestly? I have a terrible time figuring out which shoes fit right on this kid!

I asked him if I could take a picture of his lovely feet to show you all but he looked at me like I was crazy and gave me this fabulous pose...

Anyone have any suggestions?


Tanya said…
That last picture is priceless, especially when you know the history behind it!

And I totally sympathize with him.
Krystal said…
my bff's son has really fat feet and he doesn't fit in regular shoes very well. She has great luck with stride rite shoes being a comfy, supportive fit. I have heard a lot of good things about those shoes.

i have high arches and after i started running a lot in 2006 i got severe plantar fasciitis and i would never wish that upon anyone! i let it go too far and had to get custom insoles made. They make some good "OTC" ones, though. i never looked in kids' sizes, however.
Krystal said…
Hi Tara!

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Dana said…

Justin doesn't have bad feet at all, but with his sensory issues, he is VERY funny about shoes. My only suggestion would be to let him wear them tight, if he likes it. Justin likes smaller tennis shoes than I would usually put on him, and he pulls them extra tight. His doc says the most important thing is that he be comfortable. So if he likes them tight -- or a little big -- let him wear what he will wear without a fight. :)
Linda said…
My husband has high arches and narrow feet. The only tennies he can wear are Adidas. They cater to people with those issues. Not sure about kids. It's a try.

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