Doug's owie

We had one of the boys' friends over for a playdate yesterday afternoon because it was a PD day (no school). Doug took the three boys swimming in the afternoon to help with the excess of energy. So my poor husband had three 6 & 7 year old boys attacking him in the pool and at one point was trying to disentangle himself from them and ended up getting his face mashed into the bottom of the pool.


He got TEN stitches. This is what it looked like when he got home from the hospital...

And this is what it looks like this morning.

Poor guy.


Unknown said…
owie zowie! I had to giggle a bit.... one of the suggested blog posts below the picture was from a Wordless Wednesday, he was in a pool being attacked by like 5 little ones in waterwings 'n lifejackets!

Hope you get better fast!!

There's nothing worse than an injured hubby!! ;-)
Unknown said…
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Tanya said…
owie! Poor Doug. At least he looks a little better this morning.

Way to go, Doug! You're a good dad, and those stitches are marks of honor.
Unknown said…
Ouch! Poor guy. Feel better soon Doug.
mmichele said…

I especially like the 'poor me' look in his eyes. :)
Patricia Ward said…
Ouch, poor Doug! It looks so painful. But at least those pearly whites are ok.

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