The Wheat Pool- This Is It

"This is It" is a fabulous song/video from the album Hauntario (2009 Shameless Records Canada) by The Wheat Pool. One of the band members, Glen, is a great guy who happened to be one of the youth pastors I worked for on my internship years ago. The guy who directed/produced the video (Greg Gillespie) just happens to be a good friend from my high school youth group who was such a nice guy that almost 17 years ago he escorted me to my graduation dinner/dance thing when I didn't have a date :). And yes, as a matter of fact I WAS just. that. cool.

And just so you can see the true horror that 16 years and 3 babies can wreak on a person here is Greg and I the night of my grad...


There is a handy button on my right hand sidebar you can click on to go and hear more music by The Wheat Pool. They are great and their album would make a fabulous Christmas gift for the music lovers in your life!

And no one paid me to write this. In fact they didn't even ask me to write it. I highly doubt they even read my blog so they will likely never even know I wrote this! Which is probably a good thing because I am certain Greg would be horrified that I put that picture up. Shhh. Don't tell.

I just think The Wheat Pool is super cool and should be way more famous than they are :)


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