Sheer Cover Mineral Makeup review

 I am not usually much of a makeup wearing kind of girl. In the past the makeup I have tried has always left my skin feeling tight and itchy and my eyes red and sore. I kind of just gave up hope of ever finding makeup I actually WANTED to wear. 

But then I was contacted with an offer to review Sheer Cover Mineral Makeup and I thought I would give it another try. I have heard that mineral makeup is perfect for those of us with annoyingly sensitive skin. 

When the kit came in the mail I was impressed by how nice it looked and how much it came with! Of course since I am a total makeup-novice I had to read the directions on how to use it and watch the "tips" DVD first. The DVD was very handy I must say because honestly I had no idea what to do with some of the products.

The makeup was easy to put on and totally did NOT irritate my skin in anyway.

Sheer Cover -- Brought to you by Leeza Gibbons, who is dedicated to empowerment and confidence building, Sheer Cover Mineral Makeup unlocks your natural inner glow and is virtually a goof-proof makeup to obtain a flawless looking complexion. Recently awarded for 'Best Foundation' by Shecky's Beauty At Its Best 2009 Awards, Sheer Cover minerals are 100% natural, infused with skin soothing botanicals, natural sun protection, and anti-oxidant green tea to help protect your skin from the visible signs of premature aging.  It also does not contain any oils, talc, or perfumes.  You just brush it on and your flaws disappear- in an instant.  That's why it's become a favorite of Hollywood makeup artists and beauty insiders as well as regular women who want to put their best face forward. The Sheer Cover starter kit is great for a woman at any age, making it a great gift for the most novice user to the most experienced makeup fan!

 I'm sure by now you all know what I look like without makeup (just look at the profile picture for example) and here is what I look like wearing the Sheer Cover Mineral Makeup...

I did get several compliments on it so I guess that is a good sign!


matt0701 said…
You and your daughter are so beautiful!
Shash said…
Soooo sooooo beautiful!!!
Petula said…
You look fabulous! I've tried Sheer Cover before and I was really impressed with it.

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