Playmobil Advent Calendar review

We were sent a very cool Playmobil Advent Calendar to try out and we love it! It took me about 20 minutes to put together and hang the little boxes up but it was really very easy to do.

My kids have been taking turns each morning opening a new box and they love it! Every morning they are excited to find out what is in the box. I was actually a little surprised at how much fun they have with it.

Aiden really like reading the instruction books for things so he always check the book to make sure the right stuff was in each box and that we put it together correctly.

Each box contains various parts to a winter scene that the kids add to each day. Playmobil included a cardboard backdrop to create the scene on. So far we have added trees, bushes and several woodland creatures like deer and moose and raccoon.

I love the 3D aspect of the Playmobil Advent Calendar. I also love that there is no candy involved! The set is durable enough that we could probably use it again next year as well.

We have been very pleased with the Playmobil Advent Calendar!

This post was written for Mom Select and Playmobil who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.


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