Owen's Christmas concert

Today was Owen's Christmas concert and he did AWESOME! I am so proud of my sweet boy. They sang a song about being a fir tree (I think?)... it was hard to tell what the words were exactly but they looked very cute. All of the first graders sang together...

Owen is the one dressed all in black (he's super cool you know) with the red bird on his headband. He kept waving to us and winking and giving us the thumbs-up sign. It really was so cute.

Owen kept turning to high-five his buddy in the red sweater. And if you look at the bottom right-hand corner of the picture you will see Owen's best buddy laughing at the little girl making faces at him...

And we even managed to get a smile out of him once or twice. The little girl in front of him in the black/white Christmas dress is the only girl Owen invited to his birthday party back in October. Apparently she is "just as good as a boy" according to my son ;) High praise coming from a six year old boy!

When the concert was over the two grade one teachers stood at the stage exit telling the kids how well they did. When Owen saw me he yelled "MOM!" and ran and jumped into my arms. Doug got this picture just as he started to run towards me...

Gosh I love that kid! I got a lot of extra hugs today :)

And just to make today even better I became an Auntie for the very first time! Yay! I have a nephew!


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