Olivia and Santa

This evening we went to our local Santa Claus parade. We live in a pretty small town so it wasn't a huge deal but it was fun and there were lots of locals there.

My kids had a great time waving at the people on the floats and accepting free candy of course.

And then Santa arrives on the very last float. My kids went absolutely berserk! Aiden and Owen were waving and yelling "Merry Christmas" and "Hi Santa" and "Santa! Over HERE Santa" and "Santa Santa Santa" until Mrs. Claus pointed our little group out to Santa and he waved cheerily back at my kiddos.

Olivia was in another realm of delight altogther. She was more than ecstatic to see Santa. She was in awe. She laughed and giggled and waved and jumped up and down and danced and told Santa she loved him.

And then the float kept moving and Santa went with it!

She was devestated.

I mean truly heartbroken.

She started sobbing that she wanted Santa to stay!

She wanted Santa to stop and have a little visit with us right there on the street! She wanted to hug him and ask for a pink present. She could not believe that he just KEPT GOING!

My daughter absolutely wept. I felt so bad for her.

She was also a little over tired which didn't help. Everyone knows we are more emotional when we are tired... she was asleep in seconds once we got to the van.

But honestly the sheer joy on my children's faces when they saw Santa brought tears to my eyes. I seriously love Christmas. Love it.


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