Nitrous Oxide sucks

So we took Olivia to the city for her final dental appointment yesterday. It was unbelievably horrendously traumatic for her AND for us. From the second the dental assistant came to the waiting room and called Olivia's name until the second we left that place Olivia sobbed. Heart breaking gut wrenching sobs.

I had to hold her down while they attempted futiley to get her to breath in the happy gas (nitrous oxide) through her nose. Good luck with that considering she was sobbing out great heaving breaths through her mouth and her nose was running from all her tears the whole time. She calmed down briefly and then they did the freezing... and it was all over from there.

At that point I asked them to call my husband in for back-up. So Doug came in and helped me hold her down and try and calm her down at the same time. She kept looking at us with that sheer panic look in her eyes wondering why we were betraying her so badly by holding her down so the evil dentist could work on her teeth.

The dentist assured me she wasn't feeling any actual pain in her mouth, the freezing had taken effect and it was all just emotional duress.

That really didn't help me feel better about the whole situation though.

I turned away the best I could while they yanked out her teeth and she bled profusely and sobbed and gagged on her own blood.

It was really honestly horrendous.

I will say that the dentist and her assistant were great, they did their very best to calm her down, they talked nicely to her and offered her prizes and stickers and kept calm even though Olivia was anything but calm. It was not their fault. But I am fairly certain Olivia will have a rather long-term fear of dentists from now on.

She really calmed down fast once we got her out of there. I think she was next to euphoric when we drove away.

I asked her if her mouth hurt regularly over the next several hours until we got home and she always said no. So that is a very good sign.

The difference between this time and her last appointment is astounding. So lesson of the day- do everything in ONE appointment if you can because that child is NEVER going to want to come back.

If you have the financial means available I would STRONGLY suggest putting your child under general anaesthetic instead of using nitrous oxide. It is just not worth it. If I had known what it would be like before I would never have agreed to it- free or not.

By the time we all got home at 11 pm last night all 3 of us were absolutely exhausted. Today I feel like I have a hangover even though I drank nothing. That sucked.

But today my baby is happy as a clam... which is a good thing considering today is her 3rd birthday! Happy birthday sweet girl. I'm sorry mommy made you stay awake at the dentist. I promise never to do that to you ever again.


Margaret said…
Well done brave Mom!
Grizzly Bear said…
Aww I fell ya...

Chloe just had some dental work. I prepared her with the noises and water in the mouth the pinch everything.

I sobbed when i found out she had to have some dental work done and they wanted to sedate her. Why because my nephew died in 2005 in the dentist chair. He was heavily sedated and piece of gauze slipped to the back of her throat and they didn't notice he had stopped breathing..

So luckily I found a doctor to work with her. She did fantastic. I didnt have to have her under anestestics. Thank goodness. I was so afraid because I have worked for a doctor for over 8 years and no there are risks with anything.

SO I thank GOD everyday that she did really well. I am surprised the dentist continued because most of the time they will not so the child is not scarred for life.

I am so glad she is ok....

Have a great day.
lfhpueblo said…
I'm glad she's okay. I hope she won't be afraid of dentists for life. I'm glad she didn't have any physical pain.
She looks so cute. Now you can sing that song to her "All I want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth...." etc., if you want to. said…
Hi Tara!

Happy 3rd Birthday to your daughter Olivia!!!

Just visited your blog to see who the contest winner is... and there's a very nice surprise ;)

Here's a gift for Olivia, personalized Elmo CD.

My company's email servers crashed last summer, so I don't know if Olivia already has one. Let me know if you'd like to have the Mickey Mouse CD personalized for your sweet girl.


Mattilda : Personalized Children's Music Gifts
Huguette En said…
I'm sure it was as hard on you as it was on her. Poor thing! Hope she had a great birthday :)
AussieMaz said…
Oh wow, what an experience for all of you, heart-wrenching. Glad Olivia has come out of it ok. She looks pretty happy in her birthday photos.

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