Apparently my 3 year old daughter Olivia phoned my mother-in-law yesterday. Twice. Without any aid from the rest of us! We think she must have just hit redial a couple times :) Grandma told us about her phone calls from Miss.Olivia later that day.

Crazy kid! She got a pink princess phone for Christmas and has been calling Cinderella regularly for the past couple days but I had no idea she would attempt to use the real phone. Good thing she called Grandma and not some random person in China. :)

It's just a hunch but I'm thinking she is going to be on the phone a fair amount when she is a little older.


Rachelle said…
you might have to get her her own line! LOL
Unknown said…
Too funny.

If Finn hears a voice when she puts her hear against the phone, she runs screaming the other way.
Unknown said…
too cute!! wait until she's asking for a real phone, my 4 year old asked for a iPhone this year!!
Unknown said…
my daughter loves this phone! She has it and its cool you can detach the phone cord...it yalks to her and is oh so posh looking!
By the way you take pictures like a pro!!
Linda said…
I so love you and your kids. They really brighten my day with all their antics! How much I've forgotten! Thanks for sharing your life with us.
May you have a blessed new year!
Petula said…
That's pretty funny and cute. When I was a little girl I called someone in California from Delaware. LOL... yes, I've been talking ever since. I love the pictures of her talking on her cute little phone. Guess you better lock the phone. Wait, was it a cell or land line?

Happy New Year!

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