Happy New Year!

Well 2009 has been quite the year for us.

We left our old church so Doug could pastor in our current church.

We sold our house.

We said goodbye to some very dear friends and moved 13 hours away.

We moved into our first rental house in town.

We made friends.

The boys changed schools and made new friends.

We moved into our second rental house in town.

Olivia turned from a toddler into a preschooler.

God provided for our needs in more ways than I can possibly mention... everything from complete strangers giving us money that we used to pay our bills to friends fixing our van for free.

We are blessed.

It has been a crazy year... I am kind of hoping for a slightly more boring 2010 :)

Happy New Year everyone!


ParkerMama said…
Here's to a boring 2010! :D
WOW! What a year. I hope 2010 has you twiddling your thumbs.
Unknown said…
Here's to a calm, loving and happy New Year. :)

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